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Alka Roy, based in the dynamic San Francisco Bay Area, is not your typical innovator, technologist, or leadership expert. She is fast emerging as a fresh and independent voice, offering leaders and organizations a new playbook to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of leadership & tech in a post-Generative AI world.

A seasoned author, speaker, coach, and trusted advisor, Alka is on a mission to help leaders lead with clarity, confidence, and a steadfast commitment to their values. Her unique blend of expertise comes to life in her talks, workshops, and briefings, where she shows leaders and practitioners how to cut through the noise of new tech hypes, find their own authentic voices and lead people-centered organizations, products, and tech.

With an impressive track record as a product and technology leader, Alka has successfully launched over 100 innovative Wireless, Cloud, and AI products, working hand-in-hand with startups and Fortune 500 giants alike. Her journey includes a stint as the Director of Product and Emerging Tech at AT&T, where she not only excelled in her role but also learned the value of sharing valuable insights with universities, policymakers, and industry leaders on Emerging Technology, AI, and Innovation.

Beyond her corporate journey, Alka is the visionary founder of RI Labs and The Responsible Innovation Project, where she has orchestrated industry roundtables and spearheaded initiatives like the Founders Circle and Future of Leadership Programs for entrepreneurs, industry executives, policy makers and practitioners. Her new framework has been published in a peer-review journal as well as covered in Forbes. Alka’s impact isn’t limited to the United States; her online courses on Ethics in AI & Data Science and Business Considerations for 5G, IoT & AI for the Linux Foundation are on their second revision and have been accessed globally in over 83 countries/regions.

Alka has been invited to guest lecture at academic institutions like the University of Berkeley & University of Notre Dame on Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Responsible Innovation. Her portfolio also includes holding patents for policy and security frameworks and active involvement on advisory boards for startups, industry groups, nonprofits, and human rights organizations.

Alka’s educational journey is as diverse as her career. In addition to her degrees in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, she holds an MFA in creative writing and literature. Her interests span the realms of poetry, behavioral science and theater, adding a unique dimension to her multidisciplinary approach. Alka’s contributions to the tech industry have not gone unnoticed. She is honored to be recognized on the 100 Brilliant Women in AI & Ethics List and is a recipient of the prestigious Rising Star, National Women of Color in Technology Outstanding Contribution Award.

As a, “a dynamic and vibrant speaker“, Alka brings her “unique, insightful and engaging perspectives” and the ability to “connect the dots across disciplines” to roundtables, think tanks, interviews, podcasts, and webinars on the Future of work, leadership and technology, Tech culture, women in technology, emerging technologies, wireless evolution, Gen AI, Responsible AI and Innovation.

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Making Impact at Tech, AI, Business, Academic, Civic & Policy Forums

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Life and Work after ChatGPT: New Opportunities and Challenges from Generative AI, College of Business, California Sate University, Monterey Bay

Guest Lecturer, Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Impact, College of Science & Engineering, University of Notre Dame

Can We Really Make Responsible AI? A Seminar, Computer Science & Engineering, University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, Indiana

Keynote Address, Changing the Game: How Do We Innovate Responsibly?, Technology Association of Grantmakers, TAG2022 Annual Conference, San Antonio, Texas

Keynote Address, The Metamorphosis towards Responsible Innovation, Global Executive Summit, Sogeti Labs, Dublin, Ireland

Keynote Address, The Butterfly Effect, Executive Summit, Capgemini/Sogeti Labs, Austin, Texas

Love How You Lead, Future of Leadership & Innovation, RI Labs & The Responsible Innovation Project

The Responsible Innovation Framework: Case Studies of Artificial Intelligence, Business Intelligence, Analytics Technologies for Industry Platforms, Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences

Children & Media: Why The Stories We Tell and How We Tell Them Matters? Mountain View Center of the Performing Arts

Why Ethics Doesn’t Translate to Tech?, AI Governance International

Guest Lecture, Engineering Leadership Professional Program, Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology, UC Berkeley

Towards Responsible AI In Surveillance, Media, And Security Through Licensing, AAAI 2020 Spring Symposium Series

Raising the Bar on AI in Customer Service

Human & Machine: Deception by Design? Center for Human-Compatible AI, UC Berkeley

Keynote Address: Women in Tech, FEMTech Summit

Why Does Trust Matter with AI and How Can We Get There? , Women in Big Data Silicon Valley

Finding Your Voice, AT&T ERG Event

Diversity Equity & Inclusion & Gaming, In Conversation with Trinidad Hermida, Head of D&I at Niantic, Berkeley’s Newton Lecture Series

Responsible AI? A multi-disciplinary Academic/Industry Roundtable, Responsible Innovation Project

5G & AI: Path to Innovation, Global 5G Evolution Roundtable, Online Conference

Panelist, Smart Transportation, University of San Diego, San Diego, CA

Event Organizer & Facilitator, Technology & Bias , AT&T Foundry, Palo Alto, CA