Why Future of Leadership @RI Labs?

Current leadership programs are failing to prepare leaders for the kind of challenges they face and decisions they need to make in a diverse, tech-savvy and fast-paced environments. Our unique and rare program is designed to help leaders hone their skills and build a practice to see the game behind the game and choose how they want to play it so they can thrive at the intersection of Technology, People, and diverse Environments with trust & delight.

Love How You Lead

Based in Silicon Valley, The Future of Leadership Program is a series of virtual and on-site intensives and workshops for leaders and innovators to build their skills and practice and apply it to meet concrete goals and challenges. The program ends with a Certificate of Completion and an invitation to join the Leadership Circle.

Through real-life and practical strategies, projects, tools, and a supportive community, you’ll lay the groundwork to understand and expand your mental models, your organizational blindspots and challenges and get clear about your next steps. You’ll start building your RI Lens, B.S. Meter and Art of Feedback to lead with trust and use the RI Framework to manage diverse competing interests and tensions in technology and organizations as well as learn from others.. 

Start loving who you are, what you do and how you show up in the world!

Sessions are Ongoing

Private workshops can be customized for groups and held onsite or virtually. Please email rilabs@responsibleproject for details. If you are applying as an individual, currently all sessions are virtual. Please fill out an application below and we will reach out with details.

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Want to Learn More?

Email us or set up a 1/1 Chat with RI Founder, Alka Roy

Who is it For?

This program is for leaders who are willing to do the work to elevate their leadership journey and keep their organizations and tech ahead of the curve and people-centered. Create healthier, more innovative & responsible journey and organizations. Join us to reimagine and redesign what success, leadership, and innovation can look like for you!

  • Leaders in industry, academic, nonprofit and government organizations
  • Entrepreneurs & Innovators
  • Program or Thought Leaders and experts in innovation/design/research/policy
  • Leaders with responsibility to drive tech innovation and strategy across their organization
  • Advisors & Consultants in industries and leadership on tech/business (e.g. education, healthcare, hiring, AI)

What Participants Are Saying…

Our company was going through a major shift in our team and project trajectory. The program helped us navigate through the challenging changes.”

“There isn’t anything else like it!”

“This program helped me see and work through my blind spots.”

“Alka’s advice at the end of the session really struck a chord with me and made me even more thankful for this community!”